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AquaTech Waterproofing

Professionalism and Quality you can trust

Since the beginning of time, Mankind has had four basic primary needs.

These are the need for





All are the essentials to the continuation of the human species.

The last one, shelter, is especially important when it comes to mankind’s well being – integral to his survival – and in many ways, the other primary needs are based on this one.Shelter or a home offers mankind a place of security, a safe space in which families are protected from the elements, a secure environment where meals and memories are enjoyed and relationships built. Take away a person’sshelter and he or she is left displaced and uncertain.

When it comes to protecting that sheltered space, Aquatech Waterproofing have done studies on the effects of damage to the home and workplace, situations in which waterproofing maintenance has not been implemented or maintained correctly.

A lack of waterproofing maintenance leads to

  1. Unnecessary and often extensive repairs
  2. The costly replacement of waterproofing
  3. The deterioration of properties
  4. Possible structural damage
  5. The frustration / the “nuisance” value
  6. Damage to internal property (valued paintings, carpets, wooden flooring etc.)
  7. Insurance companies unwilling to cover claims (as said to be preventative maintenance)

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so preventing unwanted water penetration is far less expensive than fixing often complicated problems. By undertaking the correct waterproofing maintenance procedures, you can ensure that your home and workplace can be safeguarded from water damage, preventing you from having to address household headaches when you least need to

So, don’t wait until you have a visible problem