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AquaTech Waterproofing

Professionalism and Quality you can trust

Torch on membrane is a hot torch applied bituminous waterproofing membrane system. Membrane manufactured from premium grade heavily modified bitumen, reinforced with a core of non-woven polyester fabric which gives the membrane its excellent mechanical properties, allows for good elongation, affords high resistance to piercing and maintains good flexibility at both high and low temperatures which make torch on membranes the ideal durable solution for your waterproofing requirements.

Liquid membrane is a versatile and environmental choice. It is water based it means the membrane is user friendly and environmentally safe. Free of solvents and toxins, dangerous odours and non-flammable. Although it demonstrates excellent flexibility and elastomeric properties which accommodates normal substrate movement. Liquid membrane is suitable for both internal wet areas and external decks and balconies it can be also applied under the tiles areas. Special tapes and corners provide a variety of reinforcement options for areas where movement is possible. These areas include floor/wall junctions, substrate abutments, or at movement joints.

Self Adhesive membrane system designed for protecting concrete foundations and vertical walls from aggressive soil attack, dampness and vapour transmission. Peal and Stick is an ideal membrane for damp-proofing foundations, walls, bridges, viaducts and tunnels. Peal and Stick can be used on both concrete and polystyrene substrates and can be used under composite shingles and roof tiles.

TPO membrane is a co-polymer of polypropylene and ethylene rubber that has been

formed into a membrane sheet and reinforced with a heavy duty polyester scrim. A second generation single ply product, TPO marries the advantage of previous generation materials while eliminating their limitation. The result is a roofing membrane that is faster and easier to install yet offers outstanding resistance to weathering, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure and a whole wide variety of

industrial chemicals. Suitable for low slope roofs,

gutters, ponds and garden or warm roofs.

Bentonite membrane is The advantage of our pre-hydrated bentonite system is that the initial bentonite hydration occurs under factory controlled conditions. Unlike the dry bentonite systems, which are prone to shrinkage and cracking, the Rawmat Pre-hydrated bentonite is highly resistant to the effects of water contaminants. These contaminants induce cationic exchange in dry bentonite systems causing them to have a reduced swell, shrink and crack as the clay converts from sodium bentonite to the calcium form. The advantages of rawMAT bentonite is that it can be installed directly onto compacted sub-bases, concrete substrates or applied to sacrificial shutters and steel piles. It also self-heals when damaged and can be installed on wet substrates. The rawMAT bentonite tanking system is the premier tanking system and used in high hydrostatic pressure situations.